Monday, September 24, 2012

Sam & Thorin Meet the Atlantic

          Storm clouds hovered over Brevard County on Friday afternoon, but we wanted to show Sam and Thorin their first view of the ocean.  They had traveled all the way from Missouri to Florida and deserved to visit the beach, so we loaded them up after the girls came home from school and headed out.  They absolutely love going places with us. 
          We first stopped at a friend’s house as she wanted to meet our dogs and we’d gotten calls about Sam because a woman from church who helps rescue dogs had passed his information along to over 200 people.  There was a chance that Sam might be adopted on Sunday.  Since Sam could be moving to Tampa or Sarasota in two days, we were on borrowed time and wanted to treasure every moment.
My friend adored the dogs and wanted to spend time with them, so everyone walked to the park in the light rain.  On the way back, she ran with Sam, and he paced right beside her.  He loved running and was a great running partner.
          Finally, we went to Canova Beach, determined not to let the precipitation ruin our adventure. 
Sam loved it!  Lexi and Laina took turns running with him, back and forth, all along the dog beach.  He splashed into the waves, ran both in and out of the water, and explored everything.  His pink tongue hung out to the side, and his tail whipped back and forth.  Happiness radiated from him.  
          Thorin, on the other hand, detested the entire beach.  He hated the sand, despised the waves, and loathed the ocean.  He set his bottom on the ground and refused to budge.  He would not even be dragged, though the girls carried him to the water to introduce him to it.  He wanted nothing to do with it and turned his head away.
          Roguish Sam found a new game.  He bit part of the leash and began leading the girls on a run.  He wanted to be in charge.
          We all laughed at the sight.
          Despite the constant drizzle, I snuck several photographs to capture the moment.  
With this added responsibility, we are busier, too busy, but we are also more active.  The dogs get us outside and keep us moving.  They remind us to take time for fun and play.  They prompt us to love and be loved. 
How can we keep them?  How can we let them go?


  1. Beautiful rumination on how our loved ones teach us what loving means and what it looks like. Thank you.

    1. Yes! Thank you for understanding and for so eloquently summing up my thoughts. I appreciate your comments.